“So, Lucas – the guy that you just talked to? He’s a reporter. A TV news reporter.”

“Oh. What does he do?”

“Well, he talks to people about…news. He interviews people and then puts together a story about things that are happening around the country, or around the world. People watch and they get information.”

“So he’s like a teacher?”

“Sorta. Teachers and reporters are both there to help people understand the world around them. What Ben and his team are going to do is talk to you about stuff, and film it, and then it’ll be on TV stations all over the country.”

“So…lots of people are going to see me?”

“Yep. Millions of people are going to see you.”

“Whoa. Millions of people?”



“Are you OK with this?”

“Hmm…I’m gonna get a LOT of girlfriends.”