He snuck in when I wasn’t looking.

And then he held the door open and let in his posse.

Actually, I think they came in on the back of some fruit.

Yes, I’m talking fruit flies here, folks.

To think that I may have bought a piece of produce from the local grocer that had fruit fly eggs on it kinda gives me the heebie jeebies, ya know?

But the time you meet your unwanted house guest, it is already too late: Because if they are flying, they are most likely already laying eggs. And they can lay up to 500 at a time.

So when I got rid of the fruit in question (I’m looking at you orange), I figured they would die off with nothing to eat. The internet is of no help because I’m told they can live from 10 to 30 days on one site and another saying several months.

I’m still finding one or two strays around the place.

Turns out they like empty beer bottles as well.

Note to self: Rinse and recycle bottles as soon as possible.

Well, at least keep one for a trap.

Have you had any unwanted house guests this summer?