Today my life has changed. I suppose, technically, that change is constant and yada, yada, yada, but this is a big one, so I noticed it.

I am officially a Stay-At-Home Dad, for a while anyway. Ch-ch-ch-changes.

I had big plans to wake-up early and get things done. I was going to take the boys and go on adventures and learn, laugh and love our way through sunshine and fields of gold. As an added bonus, I was going to have the house spotless for my wife when she returned from work, just to prove to her that my staying home is worthwhile for everyone.

We haven’t done shit.

The baby has slept most of the day, which is nice, but keeps me homebound, which luckily includes the bar across the street. Thanks goodness for baby monitors and generous ankle bracelets.

The oldest is going independent today. He got himself out of bed, made a breakfast of assorted snack-foods and turned on expensive electronics that I didn’t even know he could work, and he did it right and kept the volume down. He also dressed himself. The outfit consists of three pairs of underwear, a Spiderman pajama shirt, some green shorts and a belt. His taste in fashion is only slightly better than this guy’s, but what the hell, he did it himself and I’ve got no problem taking him out in public that way. Assuming the baby wakes up before the stores all close.

I guess you could make some generalization about the best laid plans of mice and men and all that, but the bigger picture is still intact. We’re having fun. We may even pet the rabbits.

It’s a day of changes, and I’m rolling with them. Just like REO.