“…we both smile and we say ‘Hi!’ The end.” I close the book. “So, what did we learn from the story of The Pale Green Pants?” Lucas furrows his brow and strokes his chin. “Hmm. I think that the pale green pants are scary but they are really scared of me and so I should not be scared of them because they are not scary and they will be my friends.”

“Right. Sometimes new things are strange and scary to us, but once we get to know them, we find out that they’re actually nice. And what was the lesson that the guy learns inĀ Green Eggs and Ham?” “Hmmmm.” Furrows brow, strokes chin. I really should get the kid fitted for a tweed jacket. With the suede patches on the elbows. “The guy doesn’t like green eggs and ham, but then he tries them and he likes them!”

“Right. Unless you try something, you never know if you’re going to like it or not.” I can see I’ve hit on something with this revelation. Lucas looks up towards the ceiling, pondering this simple truth, so basic and yet so utterly profound. Then he looks back at me. “No, Daddy. Because I don’t like to drink pee or eat poop and I haven’t tried them.”