Are you feeling it? Because I am. I’ve yet to get hammered on rum-diluted eggnog. I have not watched Mr. Hanky’s Christmas Classics or Bad Santa. I have not pelted carolers with rocks and garbage. There’s a distinct lack of Christmas Spirit in the air.

It’s not for lack of trying. Last Friday, we packed up the kiddies and headed north to the place that symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas for so many millions – Disneyland. We spent some time with Whit and his family, and it was great; if you have not been to D-land during Christmastime I highly recommend it. I thought that visions of $35 sugarplums and having the kids tell Walt’s frozen corpse (resting as it does in the catacombs beneath the Matterhorn, right beside the employee basketball court and the working time machine) what they want for Christmas would awaken my inner Elf. Sadly, it did not. We put up the tree this weekend, and did so without it falling on the baby or burning down the house, but still, something was off. Not with the kiddies, mind you: for Lucas, the Christmas season started sometime in May.

Was it us? Surely not. I gotta tell you – we’ve been very, very fortunate this year, as the downturn in the economy hasn’t hit us very hard. But looking around, watching the news, reading the papers (those that haven’t gone out of business, anyway – thank God I subscribe to The Weekly World News, which brings me all the info I need on current socio-economic happenings as well as Bat Boy updates, sometimes in the same story), it’s apparent that glad tidings are few and far between. So many people have been affected – loss of jobs, loss of homes – that it’s not’s surprising that our collective holiday jocularity has been muted. I’ve found myself giving extra dollars to the bell-ringers, doing what I can, and it seems small and insignificant. There’s a malaise that’s settled over all of us like wet snow, now is the winter of our discontent, blah blah blah.

Humbug to that, I say. I was getting really morose, and while thinking about this stuff last night I dove back into this site’s archives (see “Holiday Stuff”). I was reminded of the True Meaning of Christmas. It’s not about presents, or giving, or Jesus. It’s about…er, well, I don’t really know. Maybe it is about Santa Claus. Or Samichlaus, as I like to think.