I haven’t piped in over here in a while. Yes, I’ve been kind of distracted by the sucking black hole that is Flickr’s 365 Days group – where your challenge is to take a self-portrait every day for an entire year. I don’t even blog every day so trying to come up with a decent picture of myself every fucking morning is quite taxing…and addicting. Yes, it has enveloped me the past couple of weeks.

But you know the real reason I’ve been kind of quiet? Nothing’s happening. I haven’t had a bloggable kid moment in I don’t know how long. Things are calm, cool, collected and predictable. A couple of boundary reminders here and there interspersed with some funny vocabulary moments and that’s all I have to work with. Most of that is hardly entertaining for those out of the loop no matter how much I spin it.

I’m not complaining, mind you. In fact, I look at this period as a mini-reward for all the hard work we put in to both our kids over the past several years. Dividends, for lack of a better word. For those of you still in the trenches of babydom, let this serve as a reminder that there is light at the end of that tunnel. You may be sleep deprived, sex deprived and two Prozacs away from having the boys in white coats chase you down with a butterfly net, but, hang in there. It gets better. Yeah, I know we’re looking down the barrel at the next level of parental challenges like menstrual cycles, preschool for the little one, and the inevitable transformation of our wonderfully-behaved eldest in to a raging preteen that curses us with every breath she takes. That will come soon enough. But for now, it’s cool.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a couple of hundred photos of my eyeball to sift through.