My earliest memory is riding in a car with my grandmother, probably somewhere in the Rio Grande Valley since that’s where my grandparents lived when I was little, and since my memory of this event includes being surrounded on all sides by farm land. My mom might have been there too, and maybe one or more of my aunts. The whole picture is kind of fuzzy and has that washed out quality that we tend to associate with pictures from that era. Or maybe my brain just insists on seeing it that way since it was raised on TV and movies that like to use the same images over and over and over again. This scene is washed out and over-exposed. This is code for a flashback to the 60’s or 70’s. Are we all understood? Excellent.

While some of the details are vague, what I do remember with perfect clarity is that I was pissed off about the stupid Mickey Mouse overalls in which I was dressed. I had not chosen this outfit, and I did not like how its straps kept falling off of my shoulders, nor did I appreciate the fact that they had just stuffed me into these silly overalls without a shirt underneath, leaving my precious baby skin exposed to the cold metal clasps. On top of all that, I did not like how they kept telling me not to worry about it every time I complained.

How do you like that? My earliest conscious memory is fashion related.