Seems that Greg and I have the same problem. There is a name for our pain, and that name is Caterpillar.

Last week, Beth picked up one of the books in the series for Lucas (she got him the one about the dump truck – Dump Truck, I believe it’s called), and he refuses to part with it. He takes it with him in the car. He keeps (or tries to) it at the table when he eats. We read it to him. Again. And again. And again.

Crass attempts at marketing products to toddlers aside (and again, let’s all give a silent thanks that Joe Camel is no more), we can’t figure out the dump truck fixation. Where did it come from? Why dump trucks and not, say, vacuum cleaners? (Although that’s not a bad thing – I couldn’t deal if Lucas started yelling “MINE! MINE!” everytime we walked past a $600 Dyson.) The other love of his life is Thomas. Thomas the Tank Engine. Or as he’s known in our house, “CHOOCHOO!”. What causes these kids to love these toys so much, foresaking all others? Nature or Nurture? I suspect that if we knew the answer, we’d be working for the Tonka Marketing Department.