Ok, quiz time.

1. Hermey wants to be what?

2. What is the Bumble’s one weakness?

3. Who are Mother Nature’s two sons?

4. What does Kris give Burgermeister Meisterburger?

5. Who lives in the mountains of the Whispering Winds?

6. Whose hat does Frosty wear that makes him come to life?

7. Do you even know what I’m talking about?

I fear a piece of my childhood is drifting into obscurity. Or maybe it’s that I’ve such high regard for these memories that I think everyone else has too and they may not. Similar to the way I see Star Wars and Ferris Bueller and so many others – essential threads in the pop culture landscape; as much of my makeup as any strand of DNA. I’m not alone, but I think I just assume that the followers are legion.

I’m referring to those Christmas specials I consider classics. Some don’t and that’s okay – they’re just heartless, soulless bastards anyway. Rudolph, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, The Year Without a Santa, Frosty the Snowman, etc. are part of what the Christmas season means to me – they instantly transport me back to a time when I couldn’t sleep in anticipation of the Big Guy’s arrival. A time when I would wake up at some ungodly hour, wake my brother and then rummage through the wrapped gifts under the tree. Yes, I know they’re sappy. Yes, I know as far as animation goes they’re woeful. But look at Star Wars – how do those special effects look now?

Anyway, we’re having a party next weekend – just an open house kind of thing. In order to entertain the kids who will be coming, I’ve ripped several of the movies and will burn them onto one DVD and just let it run in a loop. Well, we’ve called this party Kickin’ Ass with Rankin-Bass (an inside joke and h/t to some friends of ours who we hope will make the trek and join us) and the invitation looks like the title screen from one of the movies and includes a picture of the Bumble. The rub?