[Top 10] Youngest Father in the World [EVER] World’s Youngest Dad List

Who Are the Youngest Dads to Have Babies in History?

It is said that god cannot be present everywhere. That…

It is said that god cannot be present everywhere. That is why he created parents. If you go back in time to those days when you were small, you will remember how your parents took care of you. Your mother gave you all the love that you needed, whereas your father took care of your lifestyle and taught you ways to cope up with the world outside. Your mother gave you your favorite food and your father taught you to walk and run by holding your little fingers. It can easily be said that without your parents, you would not be able to reach this far in your life. You may say that you are what you are just because of your parents.

Top 10 Youngest Fathers

When you talk about new parents, you normally picture a couple in their late twenties or thirties holding a baby in their hands or on their lap. How would you feel if you were told that there are several cases in the world wherein the father is barely in his teens? You read that right! There are several cases around the world in which the father was barely in his teens or even younger when he became a father. Here are the top 10 fathers who became a parent when they were at an age of going to school and playing around with friends.

#10 – 14 Year Old Father

A resident of UK became a father to a newly born at an early age of 14 years. At an age when other kids of the same age play and pursue their education, this young man got the responsibility of taking care of his child. At an age of 29 years, this person also became the youngest grandfather when his daughter game birth to a child. You may soon hear that he became the youngest great grandfather.

#9 – 13 Year Old Father

This is the case of a 13 year old boy from Belgium who became a father at that age. His wife was from Montigny-le-Tilleul who was also the young man’s schoolmate and girlfriend. When the girl’s mother noticed that she was gaining weight, she put her on a strict diet. They came to know about their daughter’s pregnancy when they visited a doctor who told them that the girl was already 9 months pregnant.

#8 – Another 13 Year Old Father

This case was reported in Britain in which another 13 year old became a father to a new born baby. The father himself had a baby face and people just could not believe their eyes that a boy so young and with baby looks could become a father.

#7 – 13 Year Old from Russia

There is yet again another case of a 13 year old from Russia, who became a father to a baby girl whom the parents named as Rostov-on-Don. This case took place in the year 2000.

#6 – 13 Year Old Form Britain

This young man from Britain also became a father at an age of 13 years. Nobody could believe that his young wife could give birth to a child weighing 7 pounds and 4.

#5 – 12 Year Old Father

This 12 year old guy from Russia became a father when his 10 year old girlfriend from a village named Kazan, Russia gave birth to a one month premature baby. This happened on the 12th of July, 2010, which makes the young father to be around 21 years now.

#4 – 12 Year Old from Zimbabwe

This young father from Zimbabwe, who was 12 years old when he became a father, named his baby girl Samantha. The news was broken out when the baby girl was around 10 years old. This case took place in the year 2003. That makes the father to be around 28 years now.

#3 – 12 Year Old from United Kingdom

Sean Stewart, a 12 year old resident of the United Kingdom, became a father from his 15 year old next door neighbor, Emma Webster. They named the child Ben Louis who was born on the 20th of January, 1998. However, both the parents have parted their ways.

#2 – 11 Year Old Father

This 11 year old father from Auckland, New Zealand became a young father when he got a child with a 36 year old mother of one of his school friends. It is said that the woman indulged in several sexual encounters with the young man until she got pregnant.

#1 – 9 Year Old Father

The youngest amongst all fathers, was a 9 year old from China. He became a father at an age of 9 years in the year 1910. The young couple is said to parents of 2 girls and 2 boys now.

There you have it. The youngest father list ever!

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