As the network shows are wont to do, we’re going to wrap up our series on TV’s Best Dads by giving you a Very Special Clip Show. You know the ones: the main characters all decide to go their separate ways for Christmas, and then Fate intervenes and strands them all at the airport or at some diner and they sit around and reminisce about Special Moments From Their Collective Pasts (cue the wavy lines fading into scene from previous episode). So imagine us sitting around a snowbound Denny’s, enjoying our Moons Over My Hammy sandwiches, and talking about those very special TV Dads….

Remember that time I said Don Draper was a great dad?

How about when cIII said that he thought Hank Moody was a good father?

Or when CroutonBoy waxed poetic about Frank Reynolds’ parenting skills?

Or when Whit talked about proud patriarch Tracy Jordan?

Or TwoBusy, diving deep into Dexter’s daddyness?

Or when The Holmes dug up Nathaniel Fisher, Sr.?

Or Mr. Big Dubya’s ride-along with Jax Teller?

Ah, good times. (Dabs eyes with tissue.) So there you have it – our take on TV’s Best Dads. We now open the floor for discussion. Who’d we leave out? Let us know in the comments!