He was standing up on his own, and had even tried taking a few tentative steps here and there. No doubt inspired by the bipedal antics of his big bro, the baby of the family clearly wanted to be up on his own two legs. He could get along pretty well holding on to my fingertips. Then I remembered a certain baby-related device that we had stowed away in the closet. Ladies and gentleman, the Walking Wings:

I haven’t the slightest idea where we got this thing. No way in hell would we have bought it, even in the throes of new parenthood excitement brought on by the arrival of our first son. I’m guessing it was probably a regift. Or even a re-regift. Who knows how many times this thing’s been passed around. Like your mom.

I felt a little silly strapping my boy into the wings, but it seemed a shame not to at least give ’em a chance. Who knew, perhaps I would be proven wrong. Perhaps it would be the finest baby product ever to hit the shelves of your local retailer. Perhaps I could write a glowing review for Dadcentric and get us some of that sweet sweet endorsement cash. See according to the Walking Wings website, the Walking Wings walking experience is supposed to look something like this: