Several people have compared the DadCentricians to the Justice League. If that’s the case (and our moms are never wrong), we just added our Hawkman. Hawkman, as you’ll recall, is an interesting dude. He has wings, although thanks to his anti-gravity metal suit, he doesn’t actually need them to fly. He wears what a helmet that looks about a size too big. On the flip side, he carries around a big mace, which he uses to bash the skulls of people who make fun of his wings and helmet. My point is, I haven’t had my coffee yet. So, we introduce our newest DadCentrician: Homemaker Man. Here’s how he describes himself (from his website, which I’ve already linked to, but again, no coffee):

“Homemaker Man is an ex-dishwasher-short order cook-baker-college student-deli man-grant writer- comic- scenester (meh)-mailman -partier. Among other things. He is currently a devoted and tired family man and occasional Zamboni driver. His impossibly attractive family consists of a three-year old daughter who can best be described as a tiny, half –elf, half drill sergeant, a one and a half year old son who can best be described as a bear cub of love, and a wife who can best be described as a delicate spray of blue and white flowers.”

Please join us in welcoming him. Good stuff ahead, people.