After reading this article about a 20 year old man convicted of having sex with a dead deer, I started wondering exactly what type of material a parent needs to cover when it comes down to the old Facts o’ Life talk with the kid(s). Granted, I have daughters and I assume my wife will probably want to take the lead on things (although we’ve yet to discuss this), so, I may get off easy. That’s not to say I couldn’t handle this type of discussion, mind you. In fact, I’m already prepared. I’ve saved my “God’s Gift To You” book that I was given as a kid. I’m sure that will do just fine should I be the starting QB for that game. True, I did kind of grow up thinking women looked like fig leaves down there and that I was deformed because the book made the male genitalia look more like Kilroy than anything I had going on in the nether regions. But, I eventually figured it out and had permanent psychological scarring a good time getting there.

Still – fucking a deer? A dead deer? Should something like this be listed in the sex talk syllabus? I can imagine this bastard’s father hearing the news and saying, “Dammit, son. I meant all animals were off limits when I told you not to fuck the cat. Geese, rhinos, gerbils, lemurs, dead, alive, barely breathing…all of them, you moron.”

Obviously, we’re to give them the basics. That’s fundamental. But, are we to delve in to the weird stuff too? What are your plans?