Remember when we said we were giving away all that stuff and you were like, damn, I want to win all of that stuff and we were all, we’ll enter, duh, and then you did? That was awesome.

And now for the winners:

The Reviva Shaving Kit goes to our friend Kevin who waxed poetic about sports, family and facial hair.

The Father’s Day Book Collection will soon be in the hands of Heather C.’s husband. Also in his hands, food (according to the aforementioned Heather C.).

The WalletBe Front Pocket Wallet will soon be saving the lower back of Laura Emerson’s Castanzaesque husband. We understand he’s a keeper.

And now the rest of you know what a winner looks like. Live right, take chances and aim high, and maybe some day you too can win stuff on the internet!

Here’s the business end of the deal. You may be saying to yourself, “Self, my entry was better than that one,” and you know, you’re probably right, but if we only rewarded the best what kind of example would we be setting? For. The. Children.

All of the winners were picked by a random number generator (my kid) after each comment in each contest was assigned a number. Said random number generator then picked a number between 1 and the final number for each contest. It’s not scientific, but he can count real good. Besides, it’s fair(ish) and that’s how we did it. Would you rather win on merit? I didn’t think so.

Prizes are provided by the third party discussed in each of the giveaway sections, and they will be responsible for sending out the goods. If you are a winner, the real kind, not that we’re all winners crap that people are always selling, then please contact us with your name and mailing address in order to receive your winnings. Failure to claim your prize by the end of the month (June, 2010) will result in forfeit of said winnings. A second winner may then be picked at the discretion of the third party offering the prize. This is not a math problem.This is life, man.

Thanks for playing and thanks for reading DadCentric (as seen in Parents magazine!).