Hi Y’all! It’s Whifflewife! I’m thrilled to be here today because DadCentric is a stop I make on my daily internet travels, although, I usually just read and rarely comment so I guess I’m more of a daily lurker. God, I hate that word. Makes me feel dirty. Anyway, thank you Jason and the DadCentric family for inviting us ladies over today.

I originally wanted to link you up to our little family blog and our Flickr photos so you all could see just how cute our kids really are, but, Whiffie prefers to be shrouded in mystery. So, instead, I will bore you with random – but charming – tidbits about our beloved Whiffleboy:

Whiff has HUGE green eyes and eyelashes long enough to tickle me when we kiss.
When we were in Maui for our honeymoon, I was the one who suggested we go to the nude beach, but, HE was the one who actually got naked. He even went for a dip in the ocean. I have the pictures to prove it too.
When I gave birth to our daughter, Whiff literally jumped up and down and squealed like an eleven year old girl at a Jesse McCartney concert. It made a memorable moment even more memorable.
Whiff is a closet metrosexual. He wears designer jeans, he manscapes, and reads my Lucky magazines while he sits on the toilet. Need I say more to prove my point?
Last year we decided we wanted to learn about wine. So, Whiff started a spreadsheet for us to log in all our wines, their relevant information (price, vintage, etc.), and whether or not we liked it. I’m almost embarrassed to say we logged in about 70 different bottles of wine in less than three months. While I pretended to make this a learning experience, nodded my head, and went along with the whole logging thing, Whiff took it way too seriously and is now an official wine snob. You should see him with a wine list when we go out. It’s enough to make my heart tipsy with love.
Whiff and I dated briefly back in 1994, but, I dumped him because I didn’t think I could trust him since he was this blue haired rock star that was on the road touring. I did come crawling back six years later, though, when I realized what I was missing all those years.
And…even after sowing all his wild oats while on the road, I’m still the only Latina he’s ever been with.
There is so much more that I could share, but, I’ll keep it short and end it here. If any of you – for whatever reason – ever need to blackmail Whiff, feel free to use this information against him.

Have a great weekend!