It’s not often that I come across pure genius outside my own daily delusions of grandeur, especially with regard to viral videos. Let’s face it…YouTube is chock full of large, steaming piles of donkey poo. So when they chose to remove the “Shreds” videos by user St. Sanders, I was pissed. I had been subscribed to his stream for months, ever since discovering the “Eddie [Van Halen] Shreds” video that had me literally laughing so hard I cried and peed my pants. Apparently, a couple of guitar gods that had been spoofed got their egos taken out at the knee and claimed copyright infringement. YouTube, the spineless douchebags that they are, caved in and removed them.

However, Wired pulled through and is now hosting them on their site. The “Shreds” live – at least for now. Thank you,Wired, the tech Bible that you are. So, if you missed these hilarious spoofs, take a gander and see what all the hubbub was about. Or, if you’re lazy, I’ve set you up with an Yngwie Malmsteen sample below: