Do you know that we talk about all you guys on a regular basis? Yup. Made you paranoid now, huh?
Yes, at the HipMamaB/PetCobra house we talk about you guys like we talk about our families or IRL (in real life) friends. A normal dinner conversation may include things like “Oh, did you see Mia is crawling?” or “I’m really jealous of Whiff’s new Harley.” (ha, not to hard to guess which quote was from who) Some of our less tech savvy friends and relatives think it’s kinda strange that we reference our “friends” on a regular basis, but as we see it the scope of friendship has really changed due to The Internets.

When I was first pregnant, and totally obsessive, I found the “expecting club” message boards on IVillage. Pretty much it was a message board of 100+ woman, all due in March 2004, and all equally as obsessed with every twinge, pound and Dr’s appointment. One of the “things” you did on the board was find your “DDBs” (due date buddies) and that’s where I “met” Tiff, from Houston, who shared this glorious estimated arrival date of our first baby together. Every week we posted about topics such as “3/9ers – How much weight are we up now?” and “30 weeks! Only 10 more to go!” with the few other women also destined to birth their babies on March 9th. Well, Tiff and I sealed our bond when on March 2nd, we both delivered via c/sec. Now think about this. Here is this woman half way across the country who ovulated, had sex and conceived a baby boy at pretty much the exact same time as I did. Only something you could find on The Internets…really, not something you come across just walking down the streets of downtown San Diego.

The other interesting part is that Tiff and I really are a lot alike. We have the same parenting views, we both work, and both of our boys seem to have the exact same excruciatingly high energy levels. Over the past 2 years, Tiff and I have really gotten close; we IM, we call each other – but we had never actually met. So does this make her less of a friend?

Think about it. We all regularly read intimate details about each others’ lives. We know that Metro just got back from Vietnam, and Peter regularly keeps up to date on being a dad down under. We know more about each other than our “real life friends” do, and honestly we keep in better contact than some. But because we have never sat down and shared a babysitter and a beer together, does that not really make us “friends?”

What really got me thinking about all this is that Tiff and her brood are out here in San Diego this weekend and last night we met them for dinner. And I swear, it was just like seeing an old college buddy…

Here’s to all you interesting Internets folks – we hope to one day meet you all in a less electronic setting!